Monday, November 21, 2011

Gnome 3 to XFCE

So I recently moved my laptop onto Fedora 16. I had some issues with the previous Linux distro and figured I would go with this for my laptop.

Issues with Gnome 3 are not new but I figured I would collect a few links for everyone so hey can get past the issues with this.

1st - Get icons back on your desktop -

2nd - Get workspaces to work on more than 1 monitor. ( THIS DROVE ME CRAZY)

3rd. The wireless worked great so that was helpful.

4th  Set your shortcuts to switch to workspace because going to activities everytime to get anyplace drives me crazy. Shows some outside users testing was needed more.

So if this is enough for you then great!  But remember gnome 3 is not the only option :

A quick yum install of xfce and my life was so much better.

If your a long time Gnome user, like myself, KDE was not an option. No reason I am just not a KDE guy. However, I did come to find that I am a XFCE guy. Within seconds of entering the XFCE environment I was home.