Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MySQL Innovation Day Highlights

Today was a great day. The MySQL Innovation Day had a great turn out. The  room was packed and numerous others watching the webcast. Many thanks to the MySQL community for coming out to support this event. 

Here is a few quick highlights from MySQL Innovation Day:

The GPL Community version of the MySQL server will have:

    -- MySQL Replication has a lot of different enhancements, the most ever in a release.
         -- High Availability and Fail-over
            -- Global Transaction Ids
            -- Replication Administration and Fail-over Utilities
         -- Better Data Integrity
           -- Crash-Safe Slaves, Replication Checksums,  Crash-Safe Binlog
         -- Better Performance, Scale
            -- Multi-threaded slaves
            -- Reduced Binlog size for RBR
         -- Extra flexibility
            -- Time-delayed replication
         -- Simpler troubleshooting
            -- Row-based repl. logging of original query
         -- Enhanced Monitoring/Management

    -- New optimizer enhancements
         -- Subquery Optimizations
         -- File sort optimizations with small limit
         -- Index Condition Pushdown
         -- Batched Key Access and Multi Range Read
         -- Postpone Materialization of views/subqueries 
             --Update, Insert and Delete
             --JOSN output options
    -- MySQL Performance Schema in MySQL 5.6 will monitor and track everything in your MySQL server with very little overhead!  
    -- InnoDB enhancements
         -- Better Performance, Scale
         -- Improved performance on multi-core/CPU servers
         -- Improved thread scheduling
         -- Reduced contention during file extension
         -- Deadlock detection now non-recursive
         -- Improve LRU flushing
         -- Increase max redo log size
         -- Separate tablespaces for undo log
         -- Fast checksum
         -- Better recovery
         -- Dump and restore buffer pool
         -- Better Usability
         -- Full-text Search
         -- Variable page sizes – 4k, 8k
         -- Larger limit of index key prefixes (3072 bytes)‏

News on MySQL Cluster 7.3:
         -- Will have Foreign Keys!
         -- Automate configurations and provisioning ( labs.mysql.com )
   Reasons for Cluster:
         -- 1.2 Billion UPDATES ACID compliant transactions per minute.
         -- Elastic Cluster growing in minutes
         -- Online Scale-out and Schema changes
         -- Shared nothing with no single point of failure 

"We believe that NoSQL and MySQL should work side by side". Why have different sets of data when you can take advantage of the same data in different ways. Look for NoSQL and MySQL to work together in Cluster and InnoDB (labs.mysql.com).

Some nice quotes :

Why does Twitter use MySQL? "InnoDB does not loose data!"

"PostgreSQL is a great option, if MySQL didn't exist"

The day ended with a packed BOF with top community members of MySQL providing MySQL excellent feedback and ideas.

Again thanks to the MySQL for attending and supporting MySQL.