Friday, August 10, 2012

Workbench Database Migration Wizard

The linux command line is a familiar place for many MySQL DBAs. While we are comfortable with the command line, MySQL Workbench is still worth a look. The latest release at the time of this posting is 5.2.41 .

Workbench development has been rapid as of late. The MySQL Utilities are a series of customizable Python scripts and they will allow you to really take advantage of the new MySQL 5.6 upcoming features.  They come with MySQL Workbench or available via Launchpad. They have been getting a lot of attention lately because of the great features they offer.

MySQL Workbench now also offers a Data Migration Wizard. I got some time to test this new feature so I have included a simple example below.

This new feature provides the ability to migrate ODBC compliant databases to MySQL.

 You tools allows you to select your source and target databases.

Once your database connections are tested and active it will fetch the schemata list. You are then allowed to select which schema you would like to migrate.

The tools gives you a few serious of creation options as well if needed. This includes manual editing and target creation options. You can create creation scripts and etc as well. Once your ready you can process the transfer.

Once completed you get a report of all the migration work that was done.

This is a simple and quick blog post but I wanted that to convey how easy it use this tool for migration .