Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MySQL 5.6 Feedback

To follow up on a post by Dave --

The MySQL Community Team would like your feedback about MySQL 5.6 ! What are you excited to see and test? What have you tested and benchmarked? Did you previously see the advantages of going to MySQL 5.5 and now eager to try 5.6? What are your favorite new features: Full Text Search InnoDB tables, Binary Log API, Binary Log Group Commit, multi-thread slaves, memcached-to-InnoDB? Feel free to email keith.larson[@]oracle[.]com with feedback.

If you have been busy with development, and not realized that previews of MySQL 5.6 are available, then now is your chance. Previews of MySQL 5.6 are available at http://labs.mysql.com for you to evaluate.