Friday, March 25, 2011

You might be asking what is SQLHJALP?

You might be asking what is SQLHJALP?  Well to put it simply is it SQL and the Swedish word for help. Which is correctly spelled "hjälp".  What does a Swedish word and SQL have to do with each other? Well I would hope that answer was simple, but if it is not, it relates to the MySQL database, which was first developed from Sweden. I have been using this open source database for ten plus years now.

I have spent these years working on proprietary software platforms all using LAMP stacks. While I cannot expose the proprietary software code I am more than willing to help with MySQL and LAMP issues when I can. The past years I have done this  within companies.  I would never call myself a expert as that would imply to me that I have given up learning more.  I would enjoy learning from you as you might also learn from me.

I have primarily been working with Linux (CENT OS), PHP, PERL and MySQL within a relayed replication environment. 

I have had my head down developing for years and now I hope to establish this space as a place to help others, and join the great open source community has helped me for all these years.