Monday, October 31, 2011

Don't forget to mysql_upgrade

I recently upgraded MySQL to the DMR release of 5.6.3.  Available here : 
I was reminded of a some questions about mysql_upgrade I have gotten lately. While it is easy to skip, do not forget to run
/usr/bin/mysql_upgrade  after you upgrade.

Yes it is typical to see clean tables.

Simple example:
employees.departments                              OK
employees.dept_emp                                 OK
employees.dept_manager                             OK
employees.employees                                OK
employees.salaries                                 OK
employees.titles                                   OK

I do not want to repeat what others have said so more on mysql_upgrade can be found by these community posts if needed:

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thank you RMOUG

I big thank you to the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group (RMOUG) because, they invited me out for a night of MySQL for Oracle DBA's. It was a great night. I took feedback from OOW and rebuilt a presentation just for them. I also built out a hands on lab for MySQL and let them loose...

Over those 2 hours we covered the basics of MySQL and everyone got to get their hands into the MySQL 5.5 Database via the command line. They then walked away with another hands on lab for MySQL Workbench.

I wish them all the best and I appreciate the positive feedback.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Looking for feedback


We are looking for users of the MySQL Community Edition 5.5 and/or users who tested some of MySQL 5.6  (via the

Have you tested the MySQL utilities ?

Have you tested Cluster ?

What replication topologies do you prefer?

We want to know your thoughts on features and how it has helped you.  Your feedback helps drive the future! Don't be shy ! Please contact me with your feedback.

keith larson

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thanks for letting us know.

A recent post was brought to our attention. Thanks for letting us know. This has now been fixed.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Many thanks to the MySQL Community

Many thanks to the MySQL Community. The Oracle Open world sessions had veterans (Sheeri, Sarah, Giuseppe, Ronald, Baron, to just list a few) and a wealth of newcomers.  We evan had Oracle DBAs taking entire MySQL sessions at OOW! They also commented on how open the MySQL community is to everyone.

It was great to see the excitement about the future 5.6 Release of MySQL and 7.2 of MySQL Cluster.

Now that I have made it back I look forward to testing the DMR releases. Personally, I am excited about the enhancements with replication and the continued stability of InnoDB. Look for future posts on this.

Feel free to contact me for anything, (keith.larson[@]oracle[.]com)

And yes.. the Dolphin pictured was waiting for me when I arrived home.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's a WRAP with NetApp!

MySQL @ #OOW11 is complete and we finished off with a very interactive session with Karthikeyan from NetApp. This was the most interactive session I had seen @ #OOW this year.

Some topics covered included:
  • NetApp : 
    • Deduplication
      • 30% to 40% space savings for MySQL on NetApp
    •  Snapshot and instant point in time data copies with minimal storage space
    •  What is Snap Creator?
    • FlexClone
      • "A snapshot that is writable"
      • "Understanding Snap Creator and FlexClone is a career builder" -- Bill Heffelfinger
    • DataONTAP Compression
      • 75% compression in testing so far and they are eager to find more real world customers to test with.
    • Multitencacy
    • DataMotion
      • Movement of MySQL Data across storage systems
    • Protection Manager
      • Policy-Based Data Management
    •  NetApp & MySQL Customer Use Cases
      • Siemens IT Solutions and Services
      • Vantage Media
We ran a little long because but it was good to end OOW with an interactive session and not just an empty room.

Here is are a few related items for NetApp & MySQL:

NetApp Storage Solutions for MySQL® Enterprise

MySQL Enterprise Backup & Recovery

Best Practices Guidelines for MySQL

NetApp Solutions for MySQL


Very Encouraging

The last day of #OOW is here and MySQL events continue. Even after the big Sting concert last night. I am now sitting in a MySQL Crash Course talk given by Alexander Nozdrin and Dmitry Lenev. The room is packed (~100) ! A poll of the room  showed that the majority here are all new to MySQL. Very encouraging to see the MySQL community growing !

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MySQL 5.6 Roadmap

The MySQL Roadamap session @ OOW was a wealth of information. 

Gier was able to talk some in-depth about the MySQL optimizer , ICP , Batched Key Access ("BKA") and Multi-Range Read ("MRR") , 'explain' updates, as well as traces. 

You can catch up on this as well with Rob Young's blog post available here.

Yoshinori also has a great blog post about 5.6.3:

Rob young also talked on MySQL Database Goals:

  •   Re-factored architecture
    • Pluggable feature set
    • Deprecate legacy "baggage"
    • Real data dictionary  (remove .frm files)
  •   Better Cloud, Hosting, Saas features
    • Auto-sharding, load balancing , automatic failover 
    • Online operations
    • Multi-tenancy, schema/catalogs, resource control, "elastic resources"
  • Windows platforms
    • Continue improvements
MySQL Cluster Goals
  • Ease of use
  • Enhanced API
  • Performance & Capacity increases
  • Wider Deployment options

Get MySQL 5.6.3 now and test out these great options !
MySQL 7.2.1 beta is available here.
Look for more blog posts on this topics as myself and the community tests and enjoys these features.


Today will be a busy day for MySQL @OOW.  The sessions today cover a wide range of MySQL users.

Sessions include:
  • Advanced MySQL Replication 
  • Getting to know the MySQL Enterprise Monitor
  • MySQL Performance Tuning
  • Introduction to InnoDB
  • Getting the most out of MySQL on Windows
  • MySQL for Beginners
  • The MySQL Roadmap
Today also includes a MySQL WorkBench Hands on Lab and we then get to end the day with the MySQL Community Reception

The wealth of knowledge here from MySQL is outstanding.  We have even heard from attendees that are here only for MySQL.

Ok time to get started...!

Monday, October 3, 2011

MySQL Resources

So Sunday & Monday have been great! I was glad to be able to visit and talk with so many people from the MySQL community. While talking with the community, we often directed people to Sheeri's QR tag, which directed them to ( She posted about this here. ) This simple page is a great way to get a lot of resources in front of people with very few clicks. I was curious why doesn't have something similar so we can help out. So, we made one.

So we took a quick look around and gathered some quick links for you. It is a simple list of resources that can be used to help direct people to top content about MySQL. Hopefully, you all find this page as useful as the QR tag was so far at OOW. You can find the new page here: it is also labeled community resources in the devzone.

Topics include:
Scripts and Code
Tips and tricks
Recommended books
MySQL Events
MySQL User Groups
MySQL Oracle ACEs
Contribute Code
Subscribe to the Newsletter
Bugs Database
MySQL Technical Support
Training and Certification
MySQL Community Relations Team

We are looking forward to your help/links to update these pages. If, like Sheeri, you maintain your own list of helpful MySQL Resources, or, if you have a favorite book, or a favorite script, or a favorite tool, please let us know ! Put the MySQL Community Team to work, we are here to help you!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oracle Open World Day 1

It was a good to put  face to the names today at day 1 of #oow11 .

Tried to spend most of the day supporting the MySQL Community Kiosk with Sherri, Sarah and Dave. I was able to step into a couple sessions to show support as well.

Day two the MySQL sessions will be at the Marriot Marquis Hotel. Moscone South will have MySQL demos at the Exhibition Hall and Moscone West will have the MySQL Community Kiosk. Come on down and support MySQL!