Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's a WRAP with NetApp!

MySQL @ #OOW11 is complete and we finished off with a very interactive session with Karthikeyan from NetApp. This was the most interactive session I had seen @ #OOW this year.

Some topics covered included:
  • NetApp : 
    • Deduplication
      • 30% to 40% space savings for MySQL on NetApp
    •  Snapshot and instant point in time data copies with minimal storage space
    •  What is Snap Creator?
    • FlexClone
      • "A snapshot that is writable"
      • "Understanding Snap Creator and FlexClone is a career builder" -- Bill Heffelfinger
    • DataONTAP Compression
      • 75% compression in testing so far and they are eager to find more real world customers to test with.
    • Multitencacy
    • DataMotion
      • Movement of MySQL Data across storage systems
    • Protection Manager
      • Policy-Based Data Management
    •  NetApp & MySQL Customer Use Cases
      • Siemens IT Solutions and Services
      • Vantage Media
We ran a little long because but it was good to end OOW with an interactive session and not just an empty room.

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