Monday, October 3, 2011

MySQL Resources

So Sunday & Monday have been great! I was glad to be able to visit and talk with so many people from the MySQL community. While talking with the community, we often directed people to Sheeri's QR tag, which directed them to ( She posted about this here. ) This simple page is a great way to get a lot of resources in front of people with very few clicks. I was curious why doesn't have something similar so we can help out. So, we made one.

So we took a quick look around and gathered some quick links for you. It is a simple list of resources that can be used to help direct people to top content about MySQL. Hopefully, you all find this page as useful as the QR tag was so far at OOW. You can find the new page here: it is also labeled community resources in the devzone.

Topics include:
Scripts and Code
Tips and tricks
Recommended books
MySQL Events
MySQL User Groups
MySQL Oracle ACEs
Contribute Code
Subscribe to the Newsletter
Bugs Database
MySQL Technical Support
Training and Certification
MySQL Community Relations Team

We are looking forward to your help/links to update these pages. If, like Sheeri, you maintain your own list of helpful MySQL Resources, or, if you have a favorite book, or a favorite script, or a favorite tool, please let us know ! Put the MySQL Community Team to work, we are here to help you!