Friday, October 7, 2011

Many thanks to the MySQL Community

Many thanks to the MySQL Community. The Oracle Open world sessions had veterans (Sheeri, Sarah, Giuseppe, Ronald, Baron, to just list a few) and a wealth of newcomers.  We evan had Oracle DBAs taking entire MySQL sessions at OOW! They also commented on how open the MySQL community is to everyone.

It was great to see the excitement about the future 5.6 Release of MySQL and 7.2 of MySQL Cluster.

Now that I have made it back I look forward to testing the DMR releases. Personally, I am excited about the enhancements with replication and the continued stability of InnoDB. Look for future posts on this.

Feel free to contact me for anything, (keith.larson[@]oracle[.]com)

And yes.. the Dolphin pictured was waiting for me when I arrived home.